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Presentation of Medals

This group of former National Servicemen received their long overdue medals at
a presentation arranged by the South African Legion, Cape Town Branch on
Saturday 1 June 3013

Early in 2013 we were advised that the National Headquarters had received a large consignment of medals and that these were to be distributed at suitable ceremonies, not military parades, under the auspices of the SA Legion.

All this came about as a result of one man endeavouring to trace the medals due to him. SA Legion, Johannesburg member, Demetri Friend discovered that he was not alone and that thousands of veterans had not received their campaign and service medals.

With the assistance of the Medals and Decorations section of the SANDF, a database was set up by the SA Legion and a large number of veterans were traced.

Since 2013, over 200 medals have been presented at ceremonies held at the Cape Town Branch premises, Rosedale. “First prize” was the miniature Honoris Crux (Silver) that was handed to former L/Cpl Anton Roux who won the decoration as a 19 year old medical orderly on 28 February 1987 for an exceptional act of bravery while in great danger.

Presentation of Medals

Presentation of Medals