SA Legion

Not for ourselves, but for others...

How can you help the SA Legion?

Support the SA Legion - DonateJoin the SA Legion

  • Become one of us and join like-minded people.
  • Assist with fund-raising projects.
    Volunteers are always welcome.
  • Poppy Day: Convenors and Collectors are particularly needed to assist with our annual Poppy Day collection, which adds to our welfare fund
  • Help with our projects, assist with fund-raising.

    • We need the expertise and services of the Third Generation, those who filled the ranks of the National Service system and those of the same age who did not. Membership is open to all to those interested in military affairs.
    • Adopt a Veteran. Many are living only on the State Pension or less and would sincerely appreciate your help to enhance their quality of life, with either a one-off or a regular monthly contribution.
    • Sponsor a flat at Rosedale. A contribution of R12 000.00 will assist the Branch in redecorating it and replacing the bath with a shower. The Donors contribution will be acknowledged with an appropriate plaque on the door. A good way to remember a loved one.
    • Assist with the R2m target for the refurbishment of Rosedale. Opened in 1977 the building urgently needs to be refurbished and upgraded. Elderly residents can no longer climb out of baths and these need to be replaced with showers.


Donations and Bequests to the Cape Town Branch of the Legion are always welcome and gratefully received, however small they may be.

To make a donation online click here, or to donate by other means, please contact us.